Yogic Slim – For A Slim, Healthy and Active Life

Yogic SlimIn recent times, being overweight and obesity have become extremely common, mainly owing to bad food habits, low physical activity and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Obesity leads to several other problems such as Type II diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, heart ailments, arthritis and many others.

Hormonal imbalance is also one of the major repercussions of excessive weight. If you can reduce and maintain your weight in the normal BMI level, you can avoid many diseases.

What’s more, healthy weight also slows down the process of aging. If you are struggling with weight issues, you must try out Yogic Slim, a product that guarantees weight loss.

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Yogic Slim is a product from the reliable manufacture Indian Herbs, a company that manufactures several other highly effective herbal health supplements.  This particular product, as the name indicates, is aimed towards aiding people lose weight. Additionally, you do not gain your weight back after reducing the dosage. The combination of active ingredients in the supplement aids permanent weight loss without hampering your health. This natural supplement also helps you retain vitality, be energetic and avoid the proverbial “3 PM crash”.

How does Yogic Slim help you lose weight?

Product works on your body and improves the functioning of various vital organs. The highlight about this supplement is that it strikes at the roots of obesity and not just at the symptoms. Experts agree that obesity is more of a symptom than a disease. For example, when obesity is caused due to low metabolism, obesity is a symptom that tells you that your metabolic activity is not optimum. Yogic Slim increases your metabolic rate and helps you lose weight permanently.

This supplement helps you set disciplined eating habits by regulating your appetite. The supplement increases your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food you eat. So, you do not suffer from untimely hunger pangs because your body is satiated with the nutrients it receives.

One of the major causes of weight gain is poor metabolism rate. Metabolism is the process by which your body burns fat and releases energy for functioning of all organs. If you have a healthy metabolism, fats do not accumulate in your body because they are burned quickly. This product helps increase the metabolic rate of your body and in the process, helps you reduce fat content. Along with fat, it reduces the level of bad cholesterol and improves the level of good cholesterol. As a result of all these process, you lose weight and remain slim for long.

How reliable in Yogic Slim?

You can rely on Yogic Slim. The product follows all Federal regulations and production guidelines. Advanced encapsulation techniques are used to prepare this doctor approved natural supplement.

SGS, one of the most respected inspection, testing, verification and certification company in the world, has conducted independent tests on the product and has certified it to be completely safe and natural. Additionally, the manufacturers offer a 60 day money back guarantee on the product. This means that you get back your money if you do not experience results within two months.


Product is a 100 percent natural concoction comprising of several natural ingredients that contribute 94 phytonutrients and trigger 352 synergistic activities. These phytonutrients include curcumin that inhibits excessive weight gain, linoleic acid that curbs the rate of fat accumulation, and zinc that regulates appetite.

Kokum, one of the major ingredients used in the supplement, accelerates metabolism of fat in the body. Guggul enhances the health of your digestive system and contributes towards vigorous metabolism. Tribulus is another ingredient that increases metabolic rate. Boerhavia is an herb that ensures just the right amount of water retention in the body. It helps you avoid excessive water retention. Vidanga enhances digestion and expels gas from the digestive system.

Prickly chaff flower contributes towards maintaining normal appetite and helps avoid hunger pangs. Turmeric is a wonder product that contains numerous desirable features such as antiseptic benefits. It promotes secretion of bile and helps digestion. Tree leaf caper improves efficiency of digestion.

As you can see, all the ingredients act at a much deeper level in the body and correct vital functions. So, the overall health of your body improves, fats are burnt effectively and your weight lose is more permanent.


Product comes in a pack of 60 tablets and one bottle is meant for a month. You can safely take two tablets every day.


One bottle costs $50. You obtain discounts by buying many months’ supply in bulk. If you buy six bottles, the package costs you $231 and you save $84. You also receive free shipping on all orders over six bottles. Money back guarantee is valid for on orders of six months of supply.

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