Sukraja – An Effective Supplement for Male Potency


One of the most common problems that men face with regard to their health is low potency.

While some men experience this condition for brief periods of their life, some others experience long term problems.

Usually, short term potency problems arise due to excessive stress, injury to the groin area or poor nutrition. Causes of long term potency problems include consumption of some kinds of drugs, alcoholism, tobacco, chronic ailments such as diabetes and other causes.

Problems in potency could manifest in multiple ways such as poor libido, low sperm count, low semen volume, poor sexual stamina and inability to reach orgasms. Sukraja, a product from India Herbs, can help you get rid of these problems and lead a normal sexual life.

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What is Sukraja?

It is a natural supplement made out of tried and tested herbal ingredients. It is 100 percent natural. The main functions of this product are to increase semen volume, improve sperm count and enhance sexual response. Sukraja also extends your stamina during intercourse, thereby aiding you to hold an erection for longer. The combined effects of all ingredients used in this supplement intensify orgasms.

How does the product work?

Product strikes at the root of the problem. Usually, most of the issues related to male potency arise because of low testosterone levels, inadequate LH production or poor blood circulation. It addresses these issues. It boosts testosterone and LH levels in your body, thereby helping you get rid of most of the causes that trigger low potency.


It is a natural supplement made out of a combination of tribulus, ashwagandha, asparagus adscendens, shatavari, black gram, leptadenia, Spanish pellitory and long pepper. Each of these herbs has profound effect on different activities in the body. The cumulative effect improves potency and boosts the quality as well as quantity of sperms.

What are the detailed benefits of Sukraja?

Tribulus is one of the major components of Sukraja. It improves testosterone and LH levels in the body. LH or Luteinizing Hormone triggers the production of testosterone in men. When this hormone is produced in low levels, testosterone production drops and as a result, potency reduces. LH is also responsible for activating testicles and sperm production. By boosting the production of LH and maintaining it at optimum level, tribulus enables men to have a healthy reproductive system.

Ashwagandha is an herb that promotes production of sperms. Asparagus adscendens works on semen production. Shatavari is known to work like a tonic on male reproductive system. Black gram boosts semen volume. Leptadenia ensures that sperm level in the semen does not drop below normal. Spanish Pellitory also contributes towards maintaining sperm count. Long pepper helps in the optimum absorption of nutrients from the food you eat and ensures that your body does not lack nutrition, provided you eat healthy balanced meals. These ingredients provide 54 phytonutrients that trigger 230 essential synergistic functions in the body.

Ascorbic acid, one of the phytonutrients contributed by Sukraja, is extremely important to maintain male potency because it protects sperm against damage from free radicals. This kind of damage is known as oxidative damage and can kill sperm. Ascorbic acid prevents this damage from occurring. Another phytonutrient, aspartic acid, enhances fertility in men by promoting quality of sperms. Glutamic acid helps in maintaining erection as well as promoting testicular activity.

The ingredients present in the product cumulatively ensure that men do not suffer from potency problems.

Is It Safe?

Product is safe since it is made from all naturally occurring ingredients. The supplement is being used by thousands of people around the world. There have not been any reports of severe reactions or any other kind of side effects. However, if you are on medication for some other health condition, please consult your doctor before using it.

In any case, you can safely begin to use this product after you stop other medication. This health supplement does not require a prescription for purchase. It is manufactured according to the best practices as regulated by FDA. All herbs used are of pharmaceutical grade. It is purely vegetarian and gluten free. The supplement is not recommended for men below 18 years of age.

How to use ?

Product comes in the form of capsules. Each pack contains 60 pills. You need to consume two pills a day, one each in the morning and night along with food.

Does It work?

All the ingredients used in Sukraja have been in use for over 5000 years and have proved to be extremely effective in curing several health issues. However, the manifestation of results differs from person to person.

If you do not find perceivable improvement in your condition after using the supplement for a couple of months, you can use the money back guarantee and get a refund.


Each pack costs around $45. You can save money by buying six or packs at once. Discount coupons are also available.

Sukraja can be your salvation from issues related to male potency. Order one and make the most of it.

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