Kama Rani – Enhancing Sexual Health and Fertility in Women

kama RaniOf late, problems related to sexual health and fertility have become more noted among women. More and more women of childbearing age have begun to experience serious fertility sapping problems such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome). The reasons for these problems are many and range from excessive stress to poor health, hormonal dysfunction, low physical activity and injuries. Inability to have a baby can have a disastrous impact on a woman’s psychological health.

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Additionally, women also suffer from sexual problems such as lack of response to stimulus, dry vagina, inability to reach orgasm, pain during intercourse and poor libido. Now, women no longer have to suffer undue stress, depression and disappointment because of their sexual problems. Kama Rani, a product from India Herbs, can help cure several problems related to female sexuality and can reinstate good health.

Product works in three ways. Firstly, it improves estrogenic activity. Secondly, it enhances the strength of your reproductive system. Thirdly, it helps you enjoy a much better sexual experience.

What is product made up of?

All ingredients used in the product are 100 percent natural. Furthermore, all the ingredients have been approved to be safe. The list of ingredients includes extracts of ashwagandha, asparagus adscendens, Chinese smilax, bacopa, Spanish pellitory, tribulus, bamboo, black gram and nutmeg. All these ingredients contribute 103 naturally occurring phytonutrients that activate 321 synergistic functions in the body.

What are the benefits of product?

The various herbal ingredients present in this product provide different benefits that enhance the health of the female reproductive system. Ashwagandha and asparagus adscendens increase the quality of sexual experience. They increase a woman’s capacity to respond to sexual stimuli. Chinese smilax is known to kill infection causing germs in the reproductive system and heal it. So, it keeps the reproductive system safe and well protected. Shatavari is another herb belonging to the asparagus family. It promotes optimum estrogenic activity. Bacopa contains enzymes that supply healthy amounts of nutrition to the reproductive system.

Black gram is known for its aphrodisiac properties. It enhances mood and stimulates the reproductive system. Nutmeg, a very powerful spice, contains excellent antioxidants. It boosts energy and keeps the reproductive system healthy. Bamboo extracts also maintain optimum health of the reproductive system. Spanish Pellitory increases sensitivity in the genitals and helps you enjoy a much better and stimulating experience.

Tribulus supports the secretion of LH (Luteinizing Hormone). This hormone is extremely necessary for healthy functioning of the reproductive system. It supports theca cells present in the ovaries. LH helps regulate the functioning of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) which aids ovulation and is very important for conception. In short, the hormone plays a very important role in all aspects of reproduction. Tribulus is of great help in this regard.

Nutrients such as ascorbic acid, diosgenin, stigmasterol, kaempferol, resveratol and magnesium, which your body receives through Kama Rani, also support female reproductive system, aid relaxation and stimulate estrogenic production so as to counter reduction in the female hormone level.

Is the product safe?

Product is very safe. It contains all natural products that have been tested for efficiency and safety. Moreover, the ingredients used in the natural supplement are not new or untested inventions. They have been used in ayurveda for the past 5000 years and have proved to be safe.

As a precaution, consult your doctor if you are already under medication for your sexual problems. There has been no major complaint about the side effects of the supplement. Some people have reported slight nausea in the initial days of use. However, the symptoms reduced after the user’s body got acclimatized to the natural herbal ingredients.

Pregnant women and new mothers who are yet to wean their baby should not use Kama Rani.

Dosage and usage of product

Product is exclusively for use by women. In a classic example if misused, a male gym instructor consumed the product for a few months and experienced breast enlargement and erectile problems because of an increase in estrogenic activity. Estrogen is a female hormone. Over activity of this hormone in a man’s body creates extremely undesirable repercussions.

The optimum dosage is two capsules per day. You can have one each with breakfast and supper. To experience noticeable effects, you need to use the supplement for at least three to five months. Results manifest in different ways for different people.


Product comes in a pack containing sixty capsules. One pack costs $50. You can receive discounts by purchasing more number of packs at a time. For example, on the purchase of six packs, you only have to pay $231, which means that you receive each pack for just $38.50. On the whole set of six packs, you save $84. Your savings increase as you increase the number of packs in your order.

Poor sexual health can have extremely undesirable repercussions on your relationship with your partner. It bogs you down and hampers your life. Avoid such complications because you really don’t have to take undue stress. Order Kama Rani and enjoy a great sex life in particular and overall health in general.

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