Kama Raja – For Male Virility and Fertility

kama rajaIn the present high stress lifestyle, one of the most common problems that men face is sexual dysfunction. Some of the issues related to sexual irregularities include erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, failure to ejaculate and inability to reach orgasm. Although numerous researches are being carried out regarding these male issues in all parts of the world, herbal or ayurvedic remedies have proved to have the best results. Indian Herbs, the reputed manufacturer of ayurvedic products, brings a special product for men. Aptly named Kama Raja (Kama is the God of love and virility in ancient Indian mythology), this herbal health supplement is perfect for men who suffer any kind of sexual dysfunction.

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Kama Raja mainly focuses on penis enhancement, ability to experience enhanced sexual pleasure, enjoy powerful orgasms and maintain optimum ejaculation patterns.

What are the ingredients in this product?

Product is a powerful concoction of several natural boosters. The list of ingredients include extracts of ashwagandha, shatavari, tribulus, Indian kudzu, nutmeg, amla (Indian gooseberry), long pepper, ginger, asparagus adscendens, Spanish pellitory, and Chinese chaste tree.

How does this product help the body?

Ashwagandha is a powerful herb known to increase overall sexual experience. Shatavari is a great remedy to improve health of the male reproduction system and nourish reproductive tissues. Indian Kudzu is a known aphrodisiac. It stimulates sexuality in males, which in turn encourages flow of blood to the penis and testicles. Nutmeg, essentially a spice, performs two very important functions. It induces vigor in a man and hence, enhances erection. At the same time, it lends a tranquilizing effect that prevents ejaculation prematurely. On the whole, it encourages sexual function.

Tribulus plays a very important role in enhancing male sexual prowess. It promotes production of a very important hormone called Luteinizing Hormone (LH). This hormone is responsible for testosterone production in males. It heightens activity inside the testicles and encourages production of sperm. Inclusion of tribulus in Kama Raja makes the health supplement a perfect solution for male reproductive health. Chinese Chaste Tree works similarly. It improves health of endocrine system and encourages production of LH.

For the male reproduction system to work optimally, men need to be physically healthy. Amla, being rich in antioxidants and vitamins, improves wholesome wellbeing. As a result, sexual health improves. Asparagus adscendens is another very important herb in Kama Raja since it encourages semen production, increases sperm count and reinstates lost libido.

Ginger acts on a different front when compared to the above mentioned ingredients. It increases blood circulation in the reproductive system. When blood gushes to the groin area, it warms the testicles. This leads to stimulation of penile muscles and improvement in their function. Long pepper also works on the same lines. It triggers the release of heat in the body, leading to a warming effect in the reproductive parts of males.

Spanish Pellitory has a unique function. It is a known as a natural stress buster. It relaxes and rejuvenates the mind, and in the process, it makes men more responsive and attentive to sexual stimulus.

Together, all these ingredients contain 261 phytonutrients. Kamaraja also contains 12 natural aphrodisiacs. Some of the other aphrodisiacs are shveta mushali, gokshura, jaiphal, vidari, atmagupta, nirgude, pippali and akarkarabha. All these ingredients work together to help enhance sexual health as well as improve overall wellbeing in men.

How does the product work?

Each of the natural ingredients works cumulatively as well as individually to promote sexual health. The supplement works on the nervous system and reduces stress, paving way for enhanced sexual experience. It improves sexual health by enhancing stamina, control over ejaculation, sperm production, hormone function, detoxification, and production and circulation of blood.

Dosage and usage

On purchasing one pack, you get 60 capsules. One bottle is rationed for a month. You need to take two capsules daily. The supplement is only meant for the enhancement of male sexual health. It is not recommended for women.

Side effects of Kama Raja

Product is a 100 percent natural product and does not contain artificial chemicals in any form. So far, no user has complained about serious side effects of any kind. You can use the supplement safely.

However, as a precautionary measure, people who are under medication need to consult their doctors before taking this product. Although the supplement does not react with other allopathic drugs, increase in male potency might not be recommended if you suffer some kind of illness. You might have to wait until your existing problems are cured before beginning the use of  the product.

Do not be discouraged if you find insignificant improvement in your libido. Although the supplement is extremely effective, as is proven in independent case studies, the duration of results varies from person to person. So, you might have to use just one more pack to experience satisfactory results.


Product is available for just $40 per pack. You can avail discounts by opting to buy many packs. For instance, buying two at a time saves you $10. If you buy six packs, you receive discounts of up to $94. The more you buy at a time, higher are the discounts you receive on the product.

It is always tough for a man to discuss problems related to his libido and sexual function. If you are experiencing such tense moments, all you have to do is order Kama Raja and get rid of all your problems.

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