Immunice – Shield Yourself Against Diseases

immuniceIf you have been falling sick frequently, the problem might not truly be with the air you breathe, the food you eat or the water you drink.

Rather, the problem lies with the immune system of your body. Since your natural immunity is weak, you become victimized by numerous microbes and pathogens.

Furthermore, since your body cannot fight these germs once they enter your body, they flourish and lead to several other problems. In order to be healthy, you must have a powerful immune system. Immunice can be of help.

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Immunice, a product of Indian Herbs, is a health supplement made out of 100 percent natural herbs, fruits, roots and leaves. This concoction is made based on over 5000 years of research as mentioned in Ayurveda, the Indian herbal medical science. The supplement is meant to give a boost to your immune system by increasing your body’s ability to fight pathogens, helping you fight allergies and supporting the integrity of your cellular system. It activates your T-cells and increases anti-pathogen properties in your body.

What are the ingredients in Immunice  ?

Product is a combination of several natural ingredients such as amla (Indian gooseberry), ashwagandha, holy basil, chebulic myrobalan, gotu kola, guggul, turmeric and pepper. Each of these ingredients is strongly medicinal and contributes to the improvement in the immune system as well as of the overall health of the body.

Health benefits of Immunice

Amla boosts your immune system owing to its rich vitamin content. Ashwagandha promotes activation of T-cells. Holy basil has strong antiseptic properties and helps the body fight germs. Chebulic myrobalan is another natural immunity booster. Guggul is an herb that detoxifies the body at the cellular level. When the body is free of toxins, all its vital functions are healthy and disease resisting ability is much stronger. Turmeric is another effective antiseptic ingredient that contributes antioxidants to purify blood. Pepper strengthens bacteria resistance in the body.

Gotu kola plays a very distinct role. It promotes immune-brain loop. In your body, there is a continuous exchange of information going on between the brain and immune system. When this function is at its best, the immune system informs the brain as soon as there is an attack on the body. The brain triggers the necessary responses to protect the body against invasions. So, your body is able to fight diseases better.

In all, these ingredients provide 228 kinds of active phytonutrients to the body and together, these phytonutrients activate 509 synergistic activities. Beta carotene, one of the nutrients, boosts response of the immune system. Carvacol, another phytonutrient contributed by the ingredients of this product, counters the activity of free radicals and boosts cellular health. Quercetin supports and strengthens immune function.

One of the most important benefits of this product is the promotion of cellular integrity. The human body is made up of billions of cells. Every cell has a semi-porous membrane that allows certain elements to enter the cell interiors, and prevents the internal substances in the cell from coming out. When this membrane does not work optimally, bacteria make their way into the interiors of the cell and cause massive damage to the body. Immunice, with its set of extremely effective and active ingredients, strengthens the membrane and improves integrity of the cells

The herbal supplement equips your body with phytonutrients that contain anti-cancer and anti mutagenic properties. Every phytonutrient performs a unique role such as detoxifying the digestive system, healing the respiratory system, and enhancing brain function. Together, all the nutrients strengthen the immune system of your body. As a result of all these benefits, aging process retards and you experience youthfulness for longer.

How safe is Immunice ?

It contains ingredients that are known for their positive effects on health. FDA has approved these ingredients as being safe for consumption. The product does not contain any artificial chemicals. Chances of side effects are meager. However, if you are already on medication or are pregnant, you need to consult your doctor before beginning Immunice. Also, do not consume this health supplement if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in its preparation.

The natural products used in the preparation of the product do not cause any undesirable reaction in the body. However, if your body is completely unused to these herbs, you could feel slightly nauseous or experience headaches initially. These symptoms subside after a few days as your body gets used to these ingredients.

Case study

Volunteers who participated in a case study experienced profound benefits after consuming Immunive. Within one to three months, volunteers felt an improvement in their digestion, breathing patterns and immunity. They also experienced reduced inflammation in their muscles and joints. The skin felt much better. In the next three months, volunteers experienced increased energy and they did not fall ill with flu or fever symptoms as frequently as they did before.


You get this product in bottle containing 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is two capsules per day after meals. You can continue to take the product for as long as you want. However, in order to experience noticeable results, you must consume the product for at least four months. Results vary from person to person.


One month’s supply of this product costs $50. You get free shipping and excellent discounts by ordering at least six months of supply. On purchase of 9 or more bottles of the health supplement, you receive discounts of up to $132.

This product is highly recommended and great for your overall health. So try it and experience the benefits.

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