Ayurtox: For Healthy Body Cleansing

AyurtoxBody detoxification is the best way to maintain a healthy body and mind for a prolonged period. As the name suggests, detoxification simply means removal of toxins and other unwanted and harmful elements from your body. Detoxification can also be referred to the cleansing process.

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Unwanted toxins develop within the body in the form of waste products. These are eliminated by various ongoing metabolic processes in the human body. Factors like pollution, stress, intake of junk and processed food, alcohol and caffeine consumption, contact with allergens, impact of pesticides and cleaning agents, bacterial and viral infections and overdose of medications strain the body with increased levels of toxins. In the long run, this may cause severe health complications. Ayurtox is powered with natural botanical nutrients that cleanse the body effectively.

Multifaceted Benefits

Product has a band of powerful herbal nutrients triggers the detox system of the body and successfully removes the harmful toxins from the internal systems. Toxins are the root cause of almost all diseases and infections. By eliminating toxins, it enhances the overall health of the body. It encourages proper liver, kidney and colon functions and boosts the entire digestive system. It strengthens the immune system of the body and helps in fighting against harmful bacteria. It provides adequate nourishment and support to the muscles and the underlying connective tissues. The nervous system also gets stimulated through the outflow of toxins and free radicals. It alkalizes the body and helps to maintain the desired pH level. As all the systems within the body get rid of harmful toxins, the energy level gets a remarkable boost that rejuvenates the body and mind.

Unique Blend of Phytonutrients

Product is an exclusive patented blend of 421 natural plant compounds that carry out 611 synergistic actions on the body. Extracts of botanical ingredients such as Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica), Indian Madder (Rubia Cordifolia), Licorice, Andrographis, Ginger, Neem, Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus), Tribulus, Picrorhiza, Turmeric, Gotu Kola (Centalla Asiatica), Cabbage Rose, Chicory, Chebulic Myrobalan and Indian Jalap (Operculina Turpethum) make a great combination of detoxifying elements. All these nutrients work together to provide multidimensional benefits. Phytonutrients like Gingerol, Shogaol, Acetic acid, Alpha Humulene, Alpha Linolenic Acid, Alpha Pinene, Benzoic acid, Calcium, aluminum, Arginine, Curcumin and Gallic acid provide all-round health benefit. It also contains herbal extracts only and makes it more effective than the other detox supplements.

Competence Level

Ayurtox, with an appropriate selection and adequate amount of phytonutrients, aims to provide results rapidly. For best results you need to continue taking this supplement for a minimum of 4 to 6 months. A noticeable change in your energy level starts from the first to the fourth week. A feeling of rejuvenation creeps in and your appetite improves. From the second month onwards your health conditions improve as all the systems within your body work efficiently with the help of this product .

By the time you enter the third month your body is almost free from harmful toxins and you feel refreshed and relaxed. Every human body is different and the results may vary but a considerable improvement in your health condition is bound to happen.

Better Business Bureau has given India Herbs an A+ rating because of the stringent quality control measures and extensive scientific research followed by the brand.


Each box of costs around $27 and a pack of six boxes cost you around $162. One box with 60 capsules lasts for a month since you need to take two capsules a day. Discounts and free coupons are also provided to existing as well as new customers. A 110% cash return offer is a unique way to allow the customers to have a trial, experience the benefits and return it if not satisfied.

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