AyurH: The Natural Way to Cure Hemorrhoids Disorder

ayurhHemorrhoids are the enlarged veins and blood vessels located at the anal and rectal openings.  In serious cases, hemorrhoids bleed and cause intense pain during stool discharge. Hemorrhoids are primarily caused due to reduction in blood flow to the affected area resulting in tissue damage and inflammation. Applying excessive pressure for passing stool due to constipation is one of the causes of hemorrhoids. These are also formed during or immediately after pregnancy as well. Hemorrhoids cause great discomfort and prolonged illness can be hazardous to health since it leads to further complications.

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Hemorrhoids disorder can occur in people of all ages but the chance of occurrence is more with adults. This can be prevented by taking a good amount of fiber in your food. In severe cases, medication is crucial. Product is an ayurvedic medicine that heals hemorrhoids and assists in faster cure of the wound. This ayurvedic product not only facilitates the recovery process, but also helps in faster digestion. It also reduces inflammation of the affected area.  This product is prepared from natural ingredients and has no artificial preservatives added to it.

The Product

It is a mixture of 13 herbs with varied medicinal values that adhere to the three fundamental concepts of digestion – mala or exercise, saptdhatu or the seven tissues, and tridosha which comprises of Vata, Kapha and Pitta. The supplement causes 500 synergistic activities as a result of 277 phytonutrients contributed by the herbs. The herbal extracts of Neem, Ginger, Cutch Tree, Amla, Chebulic Myrobalan, Gotu Kola and Indian Madder contain Shogoal which blocks COX-2. This in turn helps to heal the inflammation and reduces the pain and swelling.

Gingerol found in the extracts of Sugar Cane, Coconut, Chebulic Myrobalan, Long Pepper, Cutch Tree and Chirata enhances the digestion of food and avoids constipation. This herbal mixture also produces Madecassic Acid, Asiatic Acid and Asiaticoside which increase the anti-oxidant level in the body and results in quick healing of the wound through improved blood circulation and tissue repair. AyurH takes in the medicinal properties of these Indian herbs in required quantities and produces a highly effective source that cures hemorrhoids disorder. Product is 100 percent vegetarian and does not contain any artificial color.

The Dose and Precautions

Product comes in a 60 capsule pack and needs to be taken twice daily along with food. The recommended medication period for this ayurvedic drug is 4 to 6 months; however signs of positive improvement can be noticed after 2 months of usage. This drug is not recommended for people below 18 years of age. Being Ayurvedic, it has no significant side effects and is safe.

Pricing and Certification

AyurH can be ordered online through various sites that offer attractive offers.  It costs under $30 which is very affordable along with discounts from various courier services on shipping. The manufacturers of this medicinal product are so sure of its success that they offer a unique 110 percent money back offer in case of you are dissatisfied. You can return the unused boxes within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.  Many online sites also offer coupons wherein the discount offered goes up with the increase in the quantity you order. This can be achieved by ordering more of a single product or a combination of products.

The positive effect of the usage of this product is shared by many users on the social networking sites. You can ask queries and discuss this product with existing users.

Product has also received a positive feedback and A+ certification from Better Business Bureau. BBB is a registered body that certifies herbal products and their credibility since 2008. Product certification from BBB adds to its authenticity and dependability.

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